Science Lab

Physics Laboratory:

As we know, Physics is the study of nature and the various phenomenon occurring around us. Laboratory is a place where the principles of science can be verified and comprehended in a much better way. Hence, there is a great importance in having a physics laboratory in college, The physics laboratory in our college is a spacious one and we are having good quality apparatus for all the experiments which are prescribed as per the university rule.

The resources available in the physics laboratory are the following:
  • Laser kit for diffraction studies.
  • Ultrasonic Interferometer
  • Semiconductor band gap determination
  • Torsion Pendulum for Rigidity Modulus measurement
  • Spectrometer

Chemistry Laboratory:

The chemistry lab in our college is a spacious, well ventilated with white walls well equipped with all the modern tools required for chemistry experiments. It is a delight to work and carry out experiments in the lab. The experiments that we perform in lab make the learning of chemistry even more interesting and fun.

The important digital instruments available in the chemistry laboratory are the following:
  • Digital pH meter
  • Digital conductivity meter
  • Digital Potentiometer
  • Digital spectrometer

Biology Laboratory:

In the biology lab, the students study detailed structures, morphological, histological and physiological aspects of plants and animals. Study of slides under the microscopes or studying the museum specimens kindles a natural curiosity towards Nature and instills a joy of learning the flora & fauna around us. All the equipment and specimens that we have in the lab are open for the College students to be used under careful supervision. This is a place where our students are given a chance to 'discover' before they are 'told'.Student have the liberty to make models and projects by availing lab facilities.