Procedure & Policy

Procedure & Policy

The institution makes budgetary provisions under different requirements for proper maintenance and utilization of the infrastructural facilities .The Purchase Committee discusses and processes the demands put forward by different departments according to their requirements .The committee resolves and processes funds for the same at college level and major budgetary demands are forwarded to the University for approval and funds provisions.

The allocated funds are utilized under the observations of purchase committee In addition to this a monthly lab contingency is provided by the University for maintenance of various laboratories of the college .To maintain the infrastructure facilities and equipments, the following activities are undertaken by the college :

1 : There is a stockmaintenance register in every department where the stock is physically verified and listed around the year.

2 : Department wise annual stock verification is done by the concerned H.O.D.

3 : Regular maintenance of computer laboratory maintenance is done.

4 : Regular cleaning of water tanks, Proper garbage disposal, Pest control.

5 : Landscaping and maintenance of garden is done by the 4th grade employees.

6 : Outsourcing is done for maintenance and repairing of IT infrastructure, electrification, furniture and plumbing.

Maintenance of reading room and stock verification of library books is done by the library staff.