Institutional Distinctiveness

7.3 Institutional Distinctiveness

Bokaro Steel City College takes its social responsibilities very seriously. In its endeavour to cater to the needs of the community, the college has adopted three villages Bhatua, Chouphand and Lewatand. The Teachers and the Staff of the college were divided into three groups with a group leader to visit the adopted villages. The team highlighted the problems faced by the villagers regarding education, lack of sanitation and hygiene, problems and difficulties faced by small scale industries (Bangle Making) running within some of the village households. A report for the same was submitted by the respective teams to the Principle, Bokaro Steel City College,Bokaro and a copy of the report was also forwarded to the Deputy Commissioner, Bokaro Steel City. From time to time NSS Volunteers and NCC Cadets keep on visiting the villages for Plantation, Cleanliness, Awareness Drives etc.

The Students and Staff Members of the college take great pride in fulfilling their social responsibilities. It is said that charity begins at home. Keeping in view this often repeated statement, the students and staff members of the college are very particular in keeping the college campus clean and green, picking up the litter and putting it in the dustbins; secondly they are also involved in plantation drives on a regular basis in and around the college campus. The students also keep a check on reducing energy and proper water consumption. Every time they leave the classroom, they ensure that the lights and fans are switched off. They are also very particular about not leaving the tap water running. If bathroom and pipes are leaking, the students of the college feel that it is their duty to report the matter to the concerned authorities. It is through these small activities that the students and the staff members of college fulfill their social obligations. In the event of the demise of any employee (3rd and 4th Grade), financial assistance is provided by the Staff members who voluntarily donate a days’ salary for the same.

Bokaro steel city college is committed to promoting health and the well being of the society at large. Blood Donation Camps are a regular feature in the college. Students and staff, who have no history of any kind of ailment, donate blood voluntarily to the Red Cross Society. NCC cadets and NSS volunteers are involved in sanitation drives in and around the city premises. NCC cadets visit hospitals, clean the hospital compound as well as benches in the waiting area. NSS volunteers, students and Professors make regular visits to the adopted villages to make the villagers aware of the benefits of sanitation, health and hygiene. Swachatta Abhiyan was carried on in Bhatua village by NSS volunteers. The school children of Primary Government School in Bhatua village were specially targeted in order to inculcate the culture of social hygiene among their family members. NSS volunteers also sprinkled bleaching powder in the open drains and encouraged the villagers to cover open drains using local materials like wood planks. The villagers were educated about proper separation and collection of domestic waist (Bio-degradable and Non bio-degradable, locally called sukha kachda and gila kachda). Practical demonstration of the process of composting was also performed by the NSS Volunteers. Soap was distributed amongst the villagers in order to highlight the importance of hand hygiene. Students went door to door spreading the message of "Clean Environment" "Green Environment". Local indigenous plants / tree like Mahua, Saal, Mahogany, Cassia, Alstonia, Neem etc. were selected for plantation in order to highlight the importance of conservation of local plants so that they can be preserved and protected from extinction. Such plants strive very well in the local habitat and are sustainable as well as economically viable. These plants are specially recognized for their high level of oxygen releasing capacity.

The students and staff members of the college are whole heartedly dedicated in spreading general awareness in the community. On the occasion like “Safety Day” the NCC Cadets educate the people regarding traffic rules and responsibilities, and the importance of following them for saving precious life an avoiding road accidents. The NCC Cadets also participated in programmes held at the SDO office to generate awareness about the significance of voting.

All in all the college is faithfully committed to fulfilling its social obligations.